Just RELEASED! Does balance exist? + LIFE HACKS

I really enjoy public speaking. I always feel so much amazing energy when I do!

So when I was asked by Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center to co-lead the orientation to pre-venture women and speak about work life; and the ever attempt for balance, I was excited!

Topics were how I managed starting multiple businesses – and prioritizing our family unit; steps to success and unique tips I wish I knew earlier in my career, and lot’s more!

Presentation was very well received and it was mentioned afterwards by the former president of NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, that I should also be considered for exit strategies because I’d likely be great! WHAT AN HONOR from her, thank you Janise Graham 🙂 (I was formally asked to speak afterwards on Exit Strategies and that video will be released next week)

The future will be fun with more women in business 🙂

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