Just RELEASED! Does balance exist? + LIFE HACKS

https://youtu.be/P9_3VBtKuF4 I really enjoy public speaking. I always feel so much amazing energy when I do! So when I was asked by Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center to co-lead the orientation to pre-venture women and speak about work life; and the ever attempt for balance, I was excited! Topics were how I managed starting multiple […]

The Most Important Read On Financial Advisors (Brokers) Vs Fee-Based Financial Planners

Tags: Financial planning, Investment, volatility, Stocks market,  Insurance, Money , Oil What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor? Creating a financial plan is an important part of every adult’s life. If you have decided that you would like some help managing your financial situation (money, stock market investments, insurance plans). You may find that there […]