Did you do the all too common “set it and forget it?”

Original Published Date: September 6, 2022 In “Set It and Forget It” you chose a fund from the beginning and have been riding it out ever since, thinking you are doing what you are supposed to be doing because your advisor, if it wasn’t one of our financial planners, probably said you’re in it for […]

Planning for Retirement Utilizing Tax Minimization Strategies

tax planning for retirement planning

How much savings is right for retirement, of course the more the better. This is so you don’t have to feel monetarily strapped at any point. To accumulate a comfortable retirement fund, the best place to start is to ensure we understand what we are planning for.   Create your Custom Financial Plan with  Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners   Start […]

Volatility Trading – Originally Posted Sep 3, 2022

Tags: Volatility, Trading During Volatile Times, Investing,  Stock Market, Professional Investing Required Trading During Volatile Times is Also Where Profits are Made Volatility in the trading world refers to the movement of  stock prices from their original prices. During uncertain times  we will see more volatility as government intervention and unforeseen circumstances have leveled off as […]

Inflation Remains at the Highest Rates in 40 Years, Here’s What This Means For Your Money

How does inflation affect the economy? Originally Published 02 September, 2020, Updated in September, 2022 Have you been seeing that things are costing more today? Inflation has been creeping up the American economy. Understanding its effects is essential because the stock market and certain investments behave depending on the economic condition. When the prices for food, freights, vitality, and different products and services […]

The Most Important Read On Financial Advisors (Brokers) Vs Fee-Based Financial Planners

Tags: Financial planning, Investment, volatility, Stocks market,  Insurance, Money , Oil What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor? Creating a financial plan is an important part of every adult’s life. If you have decided that you would like some help managing your financial situation (money, stock market investments, insurance plans). You may find that there […]