Q&A with Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center

Tell us a little about your business (How did it all start?) Lea Wiviott Boracchia is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses.  Lea’s passion is helping people and from a very young age growing up with a single mother who had her own business, Lea realized the value in accounting and investment planning matters. […]

Annuities and Lifetime Income

Annuities help you grow your retirement income. It is a contract between you and an insurance company that requires the insurer to make payments to you, either immediately or in the future. You buy an annuity by making a lump-sum payment or series of payments. Similarly, in return, you receive either a single payment or as a […]

What Is an Estate Plan and How Can It Save Me Money?

Tags: Financial plan, Investment, Retirement Plan, Estate plan, Trust, Will The Meaning and Importance of an Estate Plan Category: financial planning, wills, trusts, estates What is the meaning of estate planning and why is it important?  Simply put, estate planning includes deciding who will inherit their various assets after they no longer walk this Earth. It is essential to plan […]

Options for Education Planning – Including Separately Managed Accounts

Tags: Investing, Saving, College Savings, Education Planning, Children’s Education Options for Education Planning  Education Planning for you or your children’s education is one of the most important ventures in your life. You want to give yourself or your kids a good education and we know that college education is expensive. One of the obvious steps is that you need savings for investing. So to […]

Did you do the all too common “set it and forget it?”

Original Published Date: September 6, 2022 In “Set It and Forget It” you chose a fund from the beginning and have been riding it out ever since, thinking you are doing what you are supposed to be doing because your advisor, if it wasn’t one of our financial planners, probably said you’re in it for […]

Planning for Retirement Utilizing Tax Minimization Strategies

tax planning for retirement planning

How much savings is right for retirement, of course the more the better. This is so you don’t have to feel monetarily strapped at any point. To accumulate a comfortable retirement fund, the best place to start is to ensure we understand what we are planning for.   Create your Custom Financial Plan with  Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners   Start […]

Volatility Trading – Originally Posted Sep 3, 2022

Tags: Volatility, Trading During Volatile Times, Investing,  Stock Market, Professional Investing Required Trading During Volatile Times is Also Where Profits are Made Volatility in the trading world refers to the movement of  stock prices from their original prices. During uncertain times  we will see more volatility as government intervention and unforeseen circumstances have leveled off as […]

Just RELEASED! Does balance exist? + LIFE HACKS

https://youtu.be/P9_3VBtKuF4 I really enjoy public speaking. I always feel so much amazing energy when I do! So when I was asked by Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center to co-lead the orientation to pre-venture women and speak about work life; and the ever attempt for balance, I was excited! Topics were how I managed starting multiple […]

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance and How Does It Work?

You may already know someone who needs some help taking care of his or her self in the later stage of life, but the question is, “If this person doesn’t have enough or anything to pay for it, how are costs covered?” Medicare does not cover most long term care needs. For most people, they will […]

Inflation Remains at the Highest Rates in 40 Years, Here’s What This Means For Your Money

How does inflation affect the economy? Originally Published 02 September, 2020, Updated in September, 2022 Have you been seeing that things are costing more today? Inflation has been creeping up the American economy. Understanding its effects is essential because the stock market and certain investments behave depending on the economic condition. When the prices for food, freights, vitality, and different products and services […]